About Us - Presentation

The ITÁLIA ENGENHARIA e CONSTRUÇÕES LTDA is a brazilian company headquartered in Guarulhos - São Paulo, working mostly on Civil Construction area with activities related to Mechanical, Consulting and Information Techonology.

All the services offered by A ITÁLIA ENGENHARIA e CONSTRUÇÕES LTDA, belongs inherity of its a compromise with the excellence in quality and the guarantee of compatible prices with our national market.

The ITÁLIA ENGENHARIA e CONSTRUÇÕES LTDA, has as priority, invest on the development of the technical capacitation of its professional team, through the continous contact with the new technology, looking for offer the best and actual for its customers.

You can reckon upon us as a partner in your next business!

Rua Aurora, 138 - Vila Moreira - CEP 07022-090 - Guarulhos - SP - Telefone (11) 2087-7744